About Us


Connecting your health and care across Thames Valley and Surrey

The Thames Valley and Surrey Care Records Partnership will work together and with our local communities to help improve how health, wellbeing and care is planned and delivered. Our work will focus on developing a digital system to connect local records across the region so that the 3.8 million people we serve can benefit from more joined up care. 

The three key focus areas of the programme are:
Improve individual care by sharing information between providers of health and care

Maximising the benefits to your care by sharing health and care information across the Thames Valley and Surrey region, and with providers of health and care further afield where they are treating people from the Thames Valley and Surrey region.

Improve physical and mental health outcomes for entire populations using Population Health Management

By analysing care records data for whole populations, we are better placed to understand the needs of the local area as a whole and can identify how best to make improvements to direct care.

Support people to manage their own health with digital services and innovations

Enabling people across the region to manage their health and stay healthy by using digital services and apps that directly support them.

We are one of a number of similar partnerships across the country, funded by NHS England and are at the early stage of a long-term programme which will develop over the coming years. Together we will be able to share what is working well and learn from each other.


The Thames Valley and Surrey Care Records programme does not replace the local care records that are being developed, such as Connected Care in Berkshire and Frimley, or My Care Record in Buckinghamshire. These are vital developments that the partnership is working to join up and create better arrangements for records sharing across a larger area.

Our aim

Our aim is to share information safely, quickly and securely so that health and care staff have all the relevant information about you available to support your care, wherever you are treated across the region and in other areas. This will build on existing local health and care records to continue to make services better for you.

It will mean that wherever a person is treated in the Thames Valley and Surrey area, health and care staff will have faster access to vital information so they can give the right treatment more quickly. It means a GP will be able to find out what treatment a patient had during a recent hospital stay, for example. Or an A&E doctor can check for drug allergies before providing emergency care. It will also enable a person's record to be shared for specific care purposes if they need treatment further afield.

As well as helping to join up care, the introduction of new technology will also help collect anonymised data to help improve services with analysis, research and planning.