What we do

Our work

The work of the Thames Valley and Surrey Care Records Partnership will involve the creation of an information sharing environment that helps our health and care services continually improve and makes sure that care is tailored to the needs of each individual. This will help people to look after themselves better and make informed choices about their own health and care.


The technology

Underpinning the whole solution will be Graphnet’s CareCentric shared record platform. The technology used for the programme will allow health and care information to be shared, supporting improvements in care for all 3.8 million local people across our region. It will also allow anonymous data to be analysed, trends identified and turned into actions to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of an entire population or local community. 

For example, by identifying trends it will improve diagnosis and help the NHS devise new, improved pathways for the treatment of people with diabetes, cancer, and mental health illness. This will improve the understanding of the health and care needs of local populations as a whole and help them to identify things that can be done to improve patient outcomes.

The platform will use national interoperability standards to connect information from across the existing local care records in Thames Valley and Surrey so that authorised health and care staff have access to crucial patient information quickly.  It will also enable a range of digital services and apps to be supported to enable people to manage their own health and stay healthy.

The national picture

Our work is supported by the ambitions of the Local Health and Care Record (LHCR) programmes that were set out by NHS England and the Local Government Association in January 2018. These new partnerships are funded by NHS England to put in place an electronic shared local health and care record that makes relevant information about people instantly available to everyone involved in their care and support.

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