Why are we doing this

Why are we doing this?


Our aim

Our aim is to enable the sharing of patient information to support health and care across the Thames Valley & Surrey (TVS) area – wherever you are seen in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire West, Frimley, Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire and Surrey.

By sharing this information safely, quickly and securely using the TVS Care Records, health and care staff will be able to access the most current details about you to make the best choices about your care.


We know that 18% of all short-term treatment for a severe injury or illness across the TVS area is for patients being cared for outside of their local home area. This number rises to 20% of all patients visiting A&E. These patients do not currently benefit from shared health and care records, and so staff may not have a complete picture of the individual’s needs.

How will the TVS Care Records help?

It will mean that wherever a person is treated in the TVS area, health and care staff will have faster access to important up-to-date information so they can give the right treatment more quickly. 

It means a GP will be able to find out what treatment a patient had during a recent hospital stay, for example. Or an A&E doctor can check for drug allergies before providing emergency care. It will also enable a person's record to be shared for specific care purposes if they need treatment further afield.

As well as helping to join up care, the introduction of new technology will also help collect anonymised data to help improve health and care services with analysis, research and planning.