Benefits to Your Care

Benefits to Your Care

We want to provide great care for you. We want to do this by making sure your whole care team, from GP to hospital to care home, has up-to-date information about you. By connecting local care records across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire West, Frimley, Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire and Surrey, this will help support your care if you are treated elsewhere.

Accurate data about you is vital for your care. This short video explains the bigger picture about why and how your information is shared. For more information see the Understanding Patient Data website.

Sharing information about you through the Thames Valley and Surrey (TVS) Care Records can provide a range of benefits including:

Sharing information about you through the Thames Valley and Surrey (TVS) Care Records can provide a range of benefits including:

Not having to repeat or remember your information - For example your medical history or social care information.

Patient Safety - Up-to-date information about you can be seen by health and care staff treating you, such as important medication or test results
Less paperwork - Quick access to electronic information about you will mean better understanding of your individual needs
Information in one place - By having all information about you available in the TVS Care Records it can be seen by everyone directly involved in your health and care.
Helping to prevent hospital admissions – A more informed assessment of your health and care needs can be done with better information about you, helping to prevent ambulance call-outs and admission to hospital.
Preventative care - By understanding patterns in health and care information we can plan better services for you or across your local community.
Understanding disease - By analysing health and care information and trends, we can understand more about disease e.g. exploring why diabetes rates vary between ethnic groups
Reduction in unnecessary tests – Access to all of the test results you have had, such as blood tests or x-rays, so that repeat tests are not needed.
A full picture of your care so far - Staff involved in your care will understand your whole situation better so that they can provide the support you need.