Population Health and Population Health Management

Population Health

Population Health is an approach aimed at improving the health of an entire population. It is about converting insights into action - improving the physical and mental health outcomes and wellbeing of people, whilst reducing health inequalities within and across a defined population. It includes actions to reduce the occurrence of ill-health, including addressing wider determinants of health, and requires working with communities and partner agencies.



Population Health Management

Population Health Management is part of the wider approach to improving health. It improves the health of people and communities by data-driven planning and delivery of care to achieve maximum impact. It includes data analysis to identify patterns of health needs and risks for individuals and groups, and in turn supports the design and targeting of interventions to prevent ill-health and improve care. This approach provides more pro-active support for people with ongoing health conditions and reduces unwarranted variations in outcomes for patients..

Working across care settings, population health management helps you to: 
  • Improve outcomes
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Ensure money is spent efficiently and effectively
  • Continuously improve care delivery