05/01/2022 Identifying High Intensity Users (HIUs) faster and more effectively using the Thames Valley & Surrey (TVS) Care Records dashboard

High Intensity Users (HIU) are those people who make use of health services frequently - in particular A&E, non-elective admissions, primary care, 111, ambulance and mental health services.

In order to successfully support HIUs with all of their needs in a holistic manner and find out the underlying reasons behind their frequent trips to health services, we need to know who they are. But, because HIUs often use a wide range of health services, in different locations, it can be a difficult and lengthy process to identify them.

HIU Leads from Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Frimley and Milton Keynes, with the support of the Thames Valley & Surrey (TVS) Care Records Programme, have been working to develop a dashboard to identify HIUs. The new dashboard, which uses the TVS BI platform supplied by Graphnet, identifies those people frequently accessing different health services across TVS borders and collates the necessary information about the person to better understand their individual needs.

This solution will enable HIU Teams to identify HIUs across multiple health services faster and more accurately, so they can focus on providing effective healthcare support to meet those individual needs.

The TVS Care Records Programme is now engaging key stakeholders involved in HIU work across the TVS area to test this prototype and optimise the dashboard for clinical use by HIU teams later this year.

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